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Winkle-Bottom was formed by Simon Welch, an experienced, well respected, highly affable chartered surveyor and construction/property professional. Possessing many industry qualifications and memberships.

Previously known as a full structural survey, a Level 3 Building Survey is a comprehensive survey offering peace of mind when purchasing a property. Similar in ways to a homebuyers report a building survey is recommended for older or unusually constructed buildings and is a much more thorough report. We will closely examine the structure and condition of the building and undertake a surface examination of the services, highlighting any defects to the property and their apparent cause, together with cost considerations for making those repairs.
A defects analysis report focuses on a specific problem identified by the client with regard to a building or property and is flexible in as much as it can be tailored to include numerous building elements such as dampness / water ingress, structural issues (i.e. cracking, building movement etc.), roofing defects, defects to chimney stacks, balconies, rainwater goods, windows and other problematic factors that can affect any type of commercial or residential property. The report provides the owner with a full analysis of the defects causing the problem and recommendations for their management and rectification.
Whatever the size and type of your project we can administer the work to ensure it is delivered to your expectations. The Contract Administrator is responsible for administering the terms of the building contract between the employer and the building contractor. Contract administration is required whenever contracts are involved to manage, negotiate, support, and execute the contract process and traditionally starts from the contract award stage and continues through to completion of the project.

A Schedule of Dilapidations is an area of property law which helps ensure a tenant meets the terms of the lease and returns the property to the landlord in good condition. It also allows tenants to dispute any alleged damages, helping to protect both sides involved in any property agreement. The tenant’s responsibilities can include redecoration, reinstatement or repair of the premises which may have been caused by mistreatment of the property, poor repairs, or a complete lack of repairs.


Any failure to carry out these repairs or changes constitutes a breach of the lease, and the landlord can issue a Dilapidations claim against the tenant.

Early on in a project we can assess the design and cost implications to ensure your project falls within budget. We offer expert advice during the feasibility and planning stages of a project, considering all aspects of the building works and ensuring the strategy is delivered right through to completion. We manage costs in a proactive way, working in conjunction with the client team to ensure the correct procurement route is selected to reflect the client’s objectives.
With over 16 years party wall experience, we can assist you in all matters relating to the Party Wall etc. Act of 1996. Whether you are planning alterations or additions to your property, or you’ve received notice of a neighbour’s plans we can guide you through the process.
Involves a detailed element by element inspection of a building or property and the subsequent compilation of a 1-to-15-year plan for strategically attending to maintenance or repair works.
A principal designer has an important role in governing how the risks to health and safety should be managed and incorporated into the wider management of a project.  Design decisions taken during the pre-construction phase can have a significant effect on whether a project is delivered in a way that secures health and safety. The principal designer’s role involves close cooperation with the client and the principal contractor and coordinating the work of others in the project team to ensure that significant and foreseeable risks are managed throughout the design process.


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Winkle-Bottom are straight talking building surveyors and property consultants that offer expert, impartial advice. Our clients can enjoy an open and honest approach that is backed by consistently outstanding service. 

Residential Services


As survey specialists, we are able to provide tailor made building surveys, focusing on you and your residential property’s needs.

Commercial Services

Commercial &

Working alongside commercial property developers, tenants and landlords, we are able to understand and determine your requirements.

Industrial Surveyors Dorset


We have an enviable industrial experience, which covers a large cross section of industries, including; factories and nuclear power stations.

Chartered Surveyors Hampshire

Health &

Our extensive knowledge in this sector, has seen us provide “accessible user” project solutions for many rest homes and care facilities.

Chartered Surveyors Hampshire


By working closely with many local schools, academies and children centres, we have gained years of understanding of this specific area.

Surveyors Dorset


Possessing a great industry knowledge, we have been able to help: hotels, leisure centres, pubs and clubs with surveys, contracts and refurbishments.

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